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Objects of the Association

The Association was founded in 1974 to foster a high standard of corporate trustee service. It seeks to advance education in trust law and practice through information and instruction. TACT also considers and takes appropriate action where necessary on matters of mutual interest in the fields of law, taxation, regulation, investment and other related matters.

TACT seeks to advance education in trust law and practice through information and instruction. It was founded in 1974 to foster a high standard of trustee service and is supported by all the leading trustees in the UK.

It carries on the bulk of its work through its operating committees. These gather together the practitioners in each of the major fields – pensions, private and loan capital trusts.

TACT is directed by its Council, which consists of the President, Vice President, the Chairman of each of its operating committees and others appointed by the membership.  Members commit to observe TACT’s Code of Conduct.

The aggregate value of all the financial arrangements which are in the care of TACT’s members is around £1.9 trillion (2015).

Charity number 116402, company number 9744409.


Open to those concerned with trust and executorship practice and to charity trust companies. Members commit to observe the Code of Practice.

Corporates and firms can apply for membership HERE.

Trustee Services offered by Members

  • Executorships and Private Trusts
  • Loan Capital Trusteeships
  • Pension Trusteeships
  • Employee Benefit Schemes

Trust Quarterly Review (formerly The TACT Review)

This is a quarterly publication on matters of interest to trustees and executors but with the particular interests of trust corporations in mind. Articles are mainly on legal and taxation aspects of a wide range of topics. Contributions to the Review are not only from staff of trust corporations but also from a number of solicitors, accountants and barristers with particular expertise in these areas of the law. Publication of the Review is in March, June, September and December. Articles are distributed more generally through this website to enable them to be associated for both general information and research purposes, but articles published in this way do not constitute legal advice nor do they necessarily represent the views of the Association or its members. Reliance should not be placed on these articles, nor should decisions be taken on the basis of them without specific legal or taxation advice on the fact of any particular circumstance.

TACT members can read The Quarterly Review HERE.


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Trust Quarterly Review

Trust Quarterly Review

The Trust Quarterly Review is published in partnership with STEP, it discusses matters of interest to trustees and executors with a focus on the particular interests of trust corporations in mind

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Upcoming TACT meetings and events

Upcoming TACT meetings and events

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